AMANI Limousines offers you a personalized and high-quality transportation service. For a private transportation service, Arabic-speaking private drivers in Paris are professional drivers who provide personalized transportation services to Arabic visitors.
With Amani Limousines, you not only get a first-class transportation service, but also smooth and transparent communication with our drivers, making every journey as pleasant as it is secure.

Chauffeur italienWe are proud to offer you an exceptional travel experience, specially designed to meet your needs that demand the best.
At AMANI Limousines, we understand the importance of safety, comfort, and superior quality service. That’s why our team of experienced Arabic-speaking drivers is here to provide you with personalized and impeccable transportation service.
When you choose AMANI Limousines, you choose excellence, comfort, and peace of mind. Let us take care of all the details of your transportation while you focus on what matters most.


The Advantage of Choosing an Arabic-Speaking Private Driver

Choosing an Arabic-speaking private driver offers numerous benefits for discerning travelers. Firstly, the language barrier is eliminated, ensuring smooth communication and a clear understanding of the client’s needs. This facilitates a more enjoyable and less stressful travel experience, especially for international travelers or those who do not speak the local language.
An Arabic-speaking private driver provides a level of personalized and attentive service. With a deep understanding of Western service expectations and standards, these private drivers are trained to deliver premium service, addressing every request with professionalism and courtesy.
Having an Arabic-speaking private driver can be essential for business travelers or tourists looking to maximize their time and productivity while traveling. Effective communication with the driver enables seamless coordination of itineraries, schedules, and preferences, ensuring an efficient and well-organized travel experience.
Bilingual drivers are professionals who are often trained to the strictest safety standards and pay close attention to detail, ensuring a safe and secure journey for every client.
For those concerned about their comfort, safety, convenience, and privileged class service, opting for an Arabic-speaking private driver makes every journey a memorable and hassle-free experience.

AMANI LIMOUSINES offers unique Arabic-speaking drivers

Chauffeur privé anglophone Amani Limousines stands out as a company providing high-end private drivers who speak Arabic, dedicated to meeting the transportation needs of important individuals. As a leader in our field, we are committed to delivering exceptional service that exceeds our clients’ expectations.
We understand the importance of smooth communication and convenience during travels, which is why we offer Arabic-speaking private drivers. This linguistic ability allows our Arabic-speaking clients to feel perfectly comfortable and understood during their journeys.
With Amani Limousines, every trip becomes a personalized and luxurious experience, where comfort, safety, and professionalism are always delivered with a personalized Arabic-speaking driver.
Amani Limousines stands out as the ultimate choice for VIP transportation, whether for businessmen, celebrities, discerning travelers, or politicians.
Our company embodies excellence and sophistication in the field of Arabic-speaking private driver services. We are proud to offer a team of fluent Arabic-speaking drivers, highly skilled and professional, with perfect mastery of the language. Our bilingual drivers are selected for their expertise in safe driving and their ability to deliver exceptional service to a distinguished clientele.


Need an Arabic-speaking private driver? We offer a wide range of vehicles.

DISCOVER OUR SELECTION OF LUXURY VEHICLES (with Arabic-speaking chauffeurs):
At Amani Limousines, we redefine luxury by offering more than just quality service. Our fleet of over 300 modern and high-end vehicles meets the strictest international standards. Whether it’s Business & Executive Sedans or Luxury Minivans, we provide a varied choice to ensure your comfort and safety are optimal.


The E-Class Sedan embodies elegance and refinement, offering a comfortable and secure ride. Equipped with driving assistance and intelligent technologies, this sedan ensures an exceptional travel experience. With a capacity of 3 passengers and space for 4 luggage, enjoy the mobile charger, sandwich and beverage holder, as well as onboard wifi access.


The S-Class represents the pinnacle of modern luxury sedans. Offering optimal comfort and a workspace akin to a private jet, this sedan is equipped with the latest innovations and a wellness center. Personalize your travel experience with ENERGIZING comfort control. With a capacity of 3 passengers and 2 luggage, enjoy the LCD screen, mobile charger, sandwich and beverage holder, as well as onboard wifi access.


Our fleet’s Luxury Minivan, the Mercedes V-Class, offers an unparalleled travel experience with its elegance, comfort, and space. Ideal for events, roadshows, or seminars, it can accommodate up to 6 passengers. With space for 6 luggage, enjoy the mobile charger, sandwich and beverage holder, as well as onboard wifi access. Perfect for groups or families looking to travel in luxury and comfort.

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